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Τρίτη, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

And then there was war.

And so it came to pass, that mankind did wage war on the rest of the Universe for a billion years
The end (victorious as it was) was abrupt and as the philosophers had predicted, shocked the social order of mankind to its roots.
The first 5 years were easy enough for very one
The Soldiers just pretended that the war was still going on and that they had just a moment of peace, like if they were on leave.
The Technicians muttered to them selves that it didn’t mater if there was a war or not the machines still needed repairs as always.
The  Workers were affected even less as nothing changed for them, they still had their fields to work, mines to dig and cattle to worry about; there was nought but a faint glimmer of hope in their mind that maybe the could catch a break if help came from the other castes. Help never did come.

Ten years after the end of the war, mankind broke. Older concepts of ruling were brought to light and the absolute rule of the council was defied; riots broke across sectors occupied by the Worker caste but those were quickly put out by Soldiers eager for a fight.

At the end of the twelfth year the council that ruled longer than any other form of government anywhere was dismantled and each sector made its own ruling caste.

At the Fourteenth year the fires of war were rekindled; now mankind faced its oldest enemy: its own self. Somehow, it felt right. Some were puzzled why the old adversary didn’t choose this moment to attack. It iss my opinion that he foresaw the events that were to follow and chose to conserve his strength. After all, any blow that he would land- no mater how powerful that blow might have been- it would only reunite his enemies against him as it had so long ago.

Then the hundred darkest years followed, a war much more savage than anyone could  have ever imagined; men fought each other like beasts, all the experience at the art of war that was gathered over the past, the one bought with blood of trillions, the very own experience that led to their victory, was now a weapon that mankind against itself.

At the end of those years mankind decided to stop the battles, the end was abrupt (once again) the soldiers simply didn’t go to the battlefield. The technicians didn’t maintain the machines, the workers didn’t send food to the units.

Any leader that disagreed with the decision was rejected and driven away. A new council arouse but its role was loosely defined at best.

The Worker caste finally had the reprieve it needed and their numbers swelled as never before. A new war broke out, unlike any other.

Now the enemy was the land and victory was to shape it. Water fell over her and sweat and blood but it was not malignly spilled.

Men took pride at the fruit of their labors and the beauty of their work and art slowly found a way to resurface.

A new era began and the world felt a terror for man had made the impossible; he had changed its nature.

Armies weren’t trained like before, all the men were taught war in case it was needed but it was a different kind of war taught by different means. Treaties were signed and the old adversary became the new friend. It would take aeons for the old wound to heal but it what else were there to do.

So the last age began the age of man and his ascension to godhood, as it had been prophesied trillions year ago by an old man at Alpha Centauri long before the first airship left Old Earth’s atmosphere “The race of man will be the race of gods and they will make god of us all”.

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