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Παρασκευή, 27 Ιουλίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline Part 7

It’s a rare occasion when people are gathered around a house for a pleasant reason.
That was he thoughts when wile returning from work he saw the whole neighborhood gathered around a house. Mr Flishbih’s house to be exact. The most ancient of his neighbors. The police was also there and an ambulance.
-      Whats going on? Whats all the commotion? Did anything happen to old man?
-       Yeah! It seams he was killed! Some one broke in to his house and killed him, he took some valuables and left, about half an hour ago the police came, it seems that he had an alarm system installed, but it was to late. The neighborhood has become dangerous, that isn’t nice at all.
he looked expressionless the scene in front of him, the police scattered inside and outside of the house, some of them bringing the body of the old man to the ambulance while others were asking questions the neighbors.
The came to his house forty minutes later, two officers in uniform.
Did he knew the man?
Did he had knowledge of anything valuable in the house?
Did he had any enemies?
Did anything strange happen in the last days?
Did he knew of any family the old man might have?
Yes, he knew him, as he was sharing the passion of the old mans for books and at older  times chess. He went there once or twice the week to talk about books, writers, and an occasional chess game.
Well he had some pretty valuable books, first editions, old and such.
Not that he knew of.
No, nothing, every thing was completely normal, he was supposed to go to visit him today.
No, strange as it was the old man never talked about family, ever.
When finally the cops left he went to take a shower. Later he sat in front of his pc not doing anything. He was supposed to se the old man today, they would talk about book and they even might have a chess game. How would it go?
He searched his files and found a chess program he used to train with. He set both players to be used by him and started.
1. e4    g5
2. Bc4  Bg7
That was a classic for the old man he loved to play the black in that opening.
3. d4    e6
4. Nd2 Bxd4
5.Nf3   Bg7
6. c3    g4
7. Nd4 d4
8. xd5  xd5
9. Bb3  Nf6
10. c4  c6
11. Ba4
he liked to put pressure on the opponent, make him think that there was a threat where there was none, or if there was it was minimal, that trick gave him the upper hand with inexperienced players but not with the old man.
11. …  Qe7+
12. Qe2 Qe2+
13. Ne2 xc4
14. Nxc4 b5
Yeap that had happened before. The old man could lay some traps.
15. Nd6+ Kf8
16. Bxb5 xb5
17. Nxc8
And there they go back on almost equal ground, almost equal.
17 …    Ke8
18. O-O Kd7
19. Bf4 Rc8
20. Rd1 Ke8
21. Bd6 Ne4
22. Ba3 Rc2
23. Ng3 Nf2
24. Re1+ Kd8
25. Nf5 Bf6
26. Nd6 Bd4
27. Re8 Kd7
28. Nb5 Nh3+
29. Kf1 Rf2+
30. Ke1 …
And it was there that the pc crashed. Not that it mattered the game was long lost for him.
But still anticlimactic.

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