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Παρασκευή, 20 Ιουλίου 2012

Review Evil Dead / Army of Darkness.

Before I begin my review on the pile of awesomeness that consist the Evil Dead, I would like to take a minute of your time and apologize for the absence of…. Everything, no short stories, no reviews, nothing new, on my blog for the past week.
I am sorry.

It was (and still is) completely unprofessional from my part to simply do nothing for a whole week, there isn’t a specific reason that kept me from writing, but even if there was one, I should at least notify with a post. I didn’t and for that I apologize again.

Back on the review. 

 My first face to face encounter with Ash was about 5 – 6 years ago. I stumble upon him from pure luck on a crossover that he had with MARVELS Zombie Earth

“Zombies Superheroes? I say what a MARVELous idea”

(also known as Earth – 2149, because fuck yeah). I read it. I dint like it or dislike it, mostly ignore it.

The reason for that strange behavior was that at that time I hadn’t watch the three movies that consist the begin of this epic journey.


Yeap those are the ones.

I say begin because it does continue in the comic and pretty faithfully at the spirit of the movies I must say (well at least the most parts).

The story begins few months after the end of the third movie. Ash has managed to return at his timeline along with his girlfriend from the past, and gets attacked by the zombies right away, he kills them all and ends up in mental institution, because zombies? Yeah right you nutjob!

  You psychotic nutjob!

Long story short he escapes, saves the world by stoping another attempt of the old gods to enter our world, in the process he also ruins the experiments of the Reanimator (another character from horror films as wikipedia informs us). His girl dies in the process but he gets yet again a new one.

See for your self’s if you don’t trust me.

Then he goes back to the cabin in the woods, after that he fights Dracula (yes that one), then he dies and goes to the Marvel Zombie Earth were he dies again? No! The Ash of that earth dies (Ashley G. Williams) while the regular Ash (Ashley J. Williams) lives on (all explained in 3 hectic and needlessly confusing pages).

He finally escapes from that hellhole to end up in the All-Werewolf Marvel universe.

Some crossovers follow with Xena (yes he meets Autolucus and he gets to have sex with Gabriele), Darkman,what? Fredy and Jason? Fredy vs Jason vs Ash?

Fredy vs Jason vs Ash.
Fuck yeah

in a run so awesome that it became a movie? (haven’t seen the movie).

At some point he finally returns to his world. A world flied with possessed persons and zombies and all kind of horrors, in a society that has been completely destroyed, leveled to the ground by…. Ashs evil duplicate.

Now he, The Chosen One has to gather allies to aid him in his fight against the evil monster that he is (or his evil other self is). Also (and most importantly) that happens…

 Just so you know, I happen to find it extremely funny.

Now that’s a nice and beautiful panel.

The story goes on and on and it’s an excellent one. We get hints for “The Chosen One” or “Ones” meet new characters and learn more thinks about the Necronomikon. I really don’t want to make any more spoilers so I cut it here.

Conclusions: READ IT NOW! If you have already read it, READ IT AGAIN!

P.s.: There is word on the street (I mean wikipedia) that a new EVIL DEAD movie is being made, from a movie to a comic to a movie again? one can only hope. 

 When your oun hand gives you the finger....
shit got serious

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