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Τρίτη, 3 Ιουλίου 2012

A Lullabys Review.

Hello everyone!
In today’s review we will talk about fairy tales!

No, not it! I said tales not tails, that was intentional wasn’t it?

No that’s not it either, I don’t even know what that is!

Eeeh, not quite…


Again no! I am saving that for later but lets take a minute to appreciate
 the boo/ I mean the art of this picture.

Fine! We will not talk about fairy tales! We will talk about Lullabies a specific Lullaby to be exact.

Now that’s just mean. Stop it and let me do my job. Ok? Ok.

Yeap folks that’s finally it!

That ladies and gentleman is hands down one of my favorite series. It goes to my own personal hall of comic fame along with Poison Elves, Bone, Ghost Rider and some others that you will learn all about later. But to answer your curiosity The Dark Knight Returns isn’t in there (close but no cigar) neither The Metabarons (couldn’t even read the first issue of that thing).

So why  is this a great and thus successful and long comic series you ask.

Well to tell the truth they aint that long of a series only eight comics have been published as far as I know. The reason for that hubris is that... well I can’t really find any. It might not have good sales, or the artists couldn’t work together or a number of other things. The comic ends before it gives us a solid story.

But it does give us a solid start!

First we are introduced to the characters, Alice a girl from our world that ends up to the wonderland, Cheshire cat, Pied Piper another kid from our world, the Little Red Hood witch happens to be a werewolf along with her grandmother an unexpected gift? From the big bad wolf?, Jimmy Hawkins and his parrot Crew (Crew is the name of the parrot) and Pinocchio.

The comic flirts with questions on friendship, trust and I believe that if it would continue it would get to deeper questions and more become more mature, not in pictures (is easy to be mature just in the pictures), but in the story.

In these few issues we are introduced in a really interesting world, were all the characters from the fairy tales exist but not quite the way we imagined them, some that we know as heroes turns out that they aren’t, we see characters at their weakest and at their best, struggling with their usual problems and/or some new ones.

The artwork is great, actually is one of the best that I have ever seen. Take a look:

(puking rainbows)

Yes I know that there are better artists and sketchers out there but (and as the great Yahtzee put it “it’s a big and sticking but”) a comic art work isn’t all about the sketch in its self, is how the sketch fits the story and more importantly the feeling of the story that the writer wants to give, you might bring the best artist and the best writer and the result would suck bulls if the one couldn’t understand the other.

These guys here are in perfect sync, the artwork is exactly like the story not mature, but not childish either, without a lot of details, but with enough to keep you interested.

As a conclusion: Search for it. I don’t know how I don’t care how, go out there and find these eight issues, find a nice quiet spot, take your favoured coffee with you and enjoy the time that follows.

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