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Δευτέρα, 18 Ιουνίου 2012

Bone Review

Hi! To all!

There few times in my so far reading career that I happen to meet a story so complete, in either a book or a comic, as in the story of Bone.

What do I mean as I say complete?

I don’t mean of course the Beginning-Middle-End part, all but few stories out there end without reaching an “END” without giving as a conclusion of what happened. The cause of most of them is usually some tragic event outside the writes powers to shape (o most fitting example is the comic Poison Elves), the rest is usually the artistic douchbagery of a writer who is screaming for attention or has no idea of what to do (see LOST, or as a second though don’t see it, go as far away from it as possible)

I hear North Pole is nice this time of the Year. Try there.

My meaning of complete has to do with unanswered question in the story, plot points that the writer either doesn’t want to answer, or has forgot them at some point, or he simple doesn’t give a fuck.

Bone on the other hand has a complete story among other awesome things like great story, nice artwork and incredible characters.

Also the most delicious pies.
More specifically.

Bone is a Comic written and sketched by Jeff Smith.

Its him officer, I swear I saw him with my own eyes!

It follows the travels of the three cousins: Fone Bone, Phoncible P. "Phoney" Bone and Smiley Bone. These awesome creatures have been cast out from Bonevile their city (a city more alike to our world than any other place in that world) and wander the desert.

Each of them is a unique character with his strong and weak points that you see through the series.

First is the Fone Bone: He seems as the most reasonable of the three cousins, he has a passion for Moby-Dick a book which seems to bores the rest of the world in to oblivion, it bores them so much that at one point he actually uses it as weapon. He splits his time between keeping his cousins out of trouble and writing poetry about Thorn.

He is also the manliest of the man.

Then there is Phoney Bone: One thing I can say about this Bone. He has determination. Really he has. He is not courageous, he isn’t strong or exceptionally smart or anything but he never gives up his goal to become rich, even in a community where they don’t use money he doesn’t give up. The most incredibly schemes come out from his mouth and get materialized in a snap. He is loyal to his cousins (probably the only persons he puts over money) and doesn’t hold a grange. Admittedly he is the cause of most of the troubles the three cousins get themselves in.

As I said never giving up.

Last but not in any way least is Smiley Bone: The most joyful of the bone cousins. The smile never leaves his face and if it does isn’t for long, he is honest almost to a fault, always lending his help, even to the most stupid plans of his cousin Phoney.

Yeap. One of the plans.

There is a bunch of great characters in the comic, like grandma Rose, Ted and Lucius. All of them with great back story that we discover later in comic, well all except Ted , he is a bug.

See he admitted himself.

I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will end my review here.

As a conclusion: If you ever get yourself in the vicinity of this comic buy it without any hesitation whatsoever, it will worth it. It has everything in it, be it epic battles? Funny situations? Magic? Love? You will find it all as you walk along with those awesome cousins in their epic journey.

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