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Παρασκευή, 15 Ιουνίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline part 4

He put on the glasses and the wristband and connected them at his pc. He did the necessary driver installations and tried the game again.
      He entered the game and choose his character.

      A video begun showing his character interacting in a village with some NPCs. The image was good with the glasses but it was equally good without them as he discovered when he got them of. He shruged and put them back on. Suddenly the village gets attacked by some bandits, one of them hits his character on the head (hmm maybe the use of glasses is to give a pseudo 3D impression) bits and peaces of the battle pass through his screen, killing, rape, fires. The view and the glasses gets black.

-     Wake up. You have a job to do.

      A form appears in front of him. It’s a little hazy so he removes the glasses to see better, the screen is black.

      He puts the glasses back on.

The form (a woman) stands in front of him and extends here arm to him and helps him to get up (the view is first person).

-       You must escape and take as many of the prisoners as you can with you, here this will help you ( he gets the first spell of the game “Magic Spark”) I will try to help other as you, but don’t count on that, and above all don’t stay and fight.

            The screen clears and his character sees that his chains are open. A pop up window informs him that he has a spell that he can use and how to do so. a Bar at the left side shows his health and manna points and… anxiety percentage? Well ok whatever. He hotkey the spell and follows the instructions of the game, on how to attack, hide crouch, cast spell, equip items etc, in all this he manages to free 5 captives.

            The game informs him that the Tutorial part is over and that now the enemies are at 100% capacity.

- It was about time.

            First thing first. He must leave the people that follow him at a relative safe place and come back for the rest. He starts to move stealthy towards an exit of the camp. A guard was caught surprised and that was the most exiting think of this run. He left them at a cave 5 (real time) minutes of the camp, he later would return to take them and the others at the required to end the quest location.

            At his second run the thinks were a bit harder, there were more guards and were more watch full. He had a battle or two but manage to not attract any other NPC. This time he got out 20 people.
            At his third run the camp was at chaos, it seemed as if the noticed him (sings of him)  or  noticed that the prisoners were missing. But as turned up the general alarm weren’t for him, another player were moving out people and the idiot had managed to get all the camp chasing him.

- Well only one think I can do.
            He started to free the rest of the prisoners. This joker was really good at staying alive! He had most of the camp on him for almost half hour and even managed to kill 2-3 of the guards.

            With the prisoners all out of the way and nothing to do but get them at the desinged place he found himself to watch this person as he juggled all the guards.

- What the hell, as might as well give him a hand.
            He started to trail him and taking out the guards that were the farther behind. It took them about forty-five minutes to take them all out making this officially one of the longest game battles of his career. And one of the most awesome ones of course.

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