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Τετάρτη, 6 Ιουνίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline part 2

-         Hey! good afternoon! You got a package.
It was his neighbor an old man that the smile didn’t seam to live his face, he could be a really nice guy if he wasn’t so damn curious about everything.
I mean the man was just so curious that could hammer you with questions for hours if you didn’t cut him of. And frankly after all this work he just wasn’t in the mood for it.
-         Hey thanks.
He noticed then that he wasn’t been asked about the package? That was weird.
-         I told the man that it was better if he would leave it to me, because you know the place isn’t as safe as it use to be.
That explains it. He already had it open.
-         Well thanks I guess, were is it.
-         Oh! Right one minute.
And with that he disappeared in the house.

He came out holding a big box which was covered with pictures of battle between men, beasts, demons etc and there were some really naked women strapped on some dungeons wall.

-         Can’t think why you need that think for? The old man said. A nice man like you could have any women he wished, its pity to see you get suck in th…
-         What! No this isn’t what you think! It’s for a game!
-         Really now? He said with a “Are you joking me” look on his face. Well I got to tell you in my time when you got a picture with so many boobs it wasn’t for game, the amount of tits in games was considerable less.
-         Yeah, well it’s a game, thank you for holding it but now I seriously got to go it was a long day and all, so cya later.
-         Yea ok, I got it you want your time to play with your game he said and winked at him that’s ok bye me, I ‘m just saying you know you should go out more, so see you around.

His head heart. First thing to do is eat some garbage, second take an aspirin and sit to the pc.
As he start opening the box he wished that he had fixed the air conditioner. It was the middle of June and it was as hot as hell in there.
In the box were a pair of glasses that you could plug at the computer via usb, a manual some papers (guarantee or something) the install disk and a wrist band that you (as the instruction said, that he later read ) should wear during gaming and could were at any time indoors - outdoors as a cool accessory … really now? Apparently you had to plug it at the computer along with the glasses.

In the end he started the install and went for a bath. He really needed it.

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