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Τετάρτη, 27 Ιουνίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline Part 6

He checked the clock at the upper left side of his screen.
The time read 01:32.
BecauseTTHW:  oh! Fuck man! We give the quest and I got to go. It’s late
Darkshadow89:  k! sure. Add as a friend? We worked well together and it was fun.
BecauseTTHW: Sure.
After a little wandering the found the npc that the quest was asking and got the exp plus a mysterious gift each.
Darkshadow89:  I know those! They give random rewards so something really nice might come to you.
BecauseTTHW: yeah? What type? Weapon, armor?
Darkshadow89:  Anything. I got a bunch of nice healing potions, how about you?
BecauseTTHW: hmm a pet I guess.
Darkshadow89:  You guess?
BecauseTTHW:  Well its an egg and I need to take to some… Ah fuck this shit I am loging out, level up can wait till tomorrow
Darkshadow89: lolls, ok man cya around
BecauseTTHW: Cya.
He logged off, get the glasses and the bracelet of, and had a long stretch.
-       Man, I need to sleep, tomorrow will be hard to get up.
He visited the bathroom for a quick stop before going to bed. He had a nice sleep, dreams of the game came at him, he saw the woman telling him he was special and that he needed to be careful, for his path was a treacherous one, the future of the kingdom was resting in his solders.
            The next day awoke the most annoying for him time, ten minutes before the alarm got of.
            That was the sol most annoying thing that could happen to him. he didn’t mind to wake up with the alarm of the clock cause he was psychologically prepared for it, but to wake up before was just a waste of sleep, you couldn’t sleep again and you lay there waiting for the clock to go off. Sometimes he thought that this would be the way demons would torture him in hell.  
             But beside that he felt good, as if he had slept for hours.
-       Hmm that’s good for a change.
He washed up, made a coffee to take with him and went to work.
-       Good morning young man! A voice greeted him as he got out of the door.
-       Good morning Mr Evans. His neighbor, he really didn’t have time for him.
-       Early start eh?
-       As usually, as you know, now forgive me but I will be late for work.
-       Don’t want to hold you up son. Have a nice day!
-       Thank you. Have a nice day to. He said and started walking down the street.

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