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Παρασκευή, 22 Ιουνίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline Part 5

Darkshadow89:Wow! That was good! We almost lost there for a moment!
BecauseTTHW: yeah, pretty intensefor a first lvl characters!
Darkshadow89: First? Dude check your character you should be at least sixth!
            He checked and saw that Darky was right. The instruction said that he should head to an instructor to make the lvl up.
BecauseTTHW:  Well I still got to take the people to the designed location to take the exp from the quest. Want to tag along?
Darkshadow89: Are u nuts of course I will! I also have that q. where you have them?
BecauseTTHW: In the forest, at a cave.
Darkshadow89: Lead up.
The trip to the cave and from there at the end of the quest was without much excitement, some random creatures weren’t much of a challenge, so without losing any one the managed to take all the people to safety.
BecauseTTHW: yeaay! Now time to go to the city. What about you?
Darkshadow89: City to, need to buy staff and train.
BecauseTTHW: nice lets roll!
They were about half way when they were attacked buy a pack of wolfs, about seven of them, as soon as they saw them a hunt like no other began.
Darkshadow89: wtf! From one crazy mob to another! What’s with this game?
BecauseTTHW: can we out run them?
Darkshadow89: note a snowballs chance in hell.
BecauseTTHW: ok I shall take the little one you can handle the rest
Darkshadow89: %^$%H$%@G%G$BHNW%$W%GFA@R12rT@F@$3
The encounter was more tough that they expected and almost kick the dust a couple of times.
Finally half dead, depleted bye potions and any usable item they enter the city or as it is most accurate to say, they entered the village.

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