Mixed Stories

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Τετάρτη, 13 Ιουνίου 2012

Lost in the Gameline Part 3

Refreshed from the bath he took a stroll to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Then same sausage and cheese. And some sauce. And come on a little breed doesn’t heart anyone.

            Twenty minutes later he got up from the table, took his second beer and finally sat in front of his pc.

The Installation was complete. There were some commercial banners decorating the starting screen. As he saw he had the option to start the game, go to forums, update and exit.

He tried the update. As it Turned out he was to date so he started the game.

The log on screen was one of the usual, tall trees nice lights, relaxing music.

He entered his username and passport and pressed enter.

A window with some options appeared. It read :

Choose Timeline:
Medieval Europe
Present western world
Future Western world
Ancient East
Present East
Future East

-       What the? Hey Bugoner at what timeline do you play?
-       Ah! Hey man, I got two, Medieval Europe and Future East.
-       Oooook, lets steak to the classics Medieval it is.
-       Cool man, look I got something to do. See you there in about half hour forty minutes tops k?
-       Ok man cya.

He choose Medieval and got at the Character creation screen. Two option there, random and custom.

-       Pff, yeah right, custom it is.
-       Chose Status? Noble.
-       Brothers? 0 thank you.
-       Title of father? Hmm lets go for Baron

After about 20 minutes of choosing hair, eyes, width, etc he finally end up wit a character he liked. He clicked START GAME.  A message appeared: Connect Glasses and Wristband.

Oh right yeah, forgot about that.   

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